The Book

By Kermit Roosevelt

Harper Lee Prize Finalist, Winner of the Public Vote · A Richmond Times-Dispatch Book of the Year ·The Foreign Policy Research Institute Book of the Week

A sophisticated legal thriller that plunges readers into the debate within the US government surrounding the imprisonment of thousands of innocent Americans during World War II. 

Allegiance is spellbinding tale of betrayal and honor—and a young, idealistic law student named Caswell “Cash” Harrison who finds himself at the center of an epic political drama that challenges his deepest beliefs. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Cash is rejected for military service but offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to become a clerk to Supreme Justice Hugo Black. But when violence strikes deep within the court itself, Cash will learn that in wartime, everyone can be a suspect, and knowing where to place one’s allegiance can be the most dangerous question of all. There is murder in the marble palace, and intrigue connected to FDR’s executive order that authorized the detention of innocent Americans, posing moral questions about when it’s okay to hurt some to protect others. From the halls of Justice to the inner sanctum of the FBI, Cash chases answers, uncovering the most fundamental question of all: what it means to be a true American.

Kermit Roosevelt’s Allegiance is a riveting literary thriller, written with a flair reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald, that brings the World War II home front alive as never before. “Some of the greatest pleasures in the book are the ways in which he brings alive legendary historical figures including the avuncular Hugo Black and the scheming Felix Frankfurter.” (The Wall Street Journal) The narrative moves swiftly through landmark Supreme Court cases, illuminating the most troubling constitutional issues ever tackled by the court. Hailed as “marvelous and timely” (The Richmond Times-Dispatch), the novel introduces an unforgettable literary character that inspires transcendent hope. 

Allegiance by Kermit Roosevelt • Regan Arts •  ISBN:978-194139330-7