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The Hill

Climate Change Solutions Do Exist >


Theodore Roosevelt’s Lessons for Today’s Politics >

AARP The Magazine
My Kind of Landscape: Theodore Roosevelt and Independence Hall >

The New York Times

Liberal Supreme Court Justices Have Little Reason to Compromise >

Penn Live

Here’s what’s wrong with Pat Toomey’s opposition to Merrick Garland >


Donald Trump Is Wrong About Torture >

The Hill

Remembering our resolution >

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What I learned writing historical fiction >

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Japanese American internment’s ugly lessons >

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Paris and the past >

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Being tough, doing wrong: The shame of mass incarceration >

The Hill

A medal for Mitsuye Endo >

The Washington Times

Americans, without distinction. Birthright citizenship is a core constitutional principle >


Justice Cincinnatus, David Souter—A Dying Breed, The Yankee Republican >

The NY Daily News

The Constitution protects us all >

The Christian Science Monitor

California’s same-sex marriage case affects all of us. It forces us to consider why we have rights >


Can Texas defy Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling? >

The Washington Post

The Constitution protects us all >

The Sun Sentinel

Who is protected by our Constitution? >